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[Happy Tails] Shawn Maloy by banANNUmon [Happy Tails] Shawn Maloy by banANNUmon
ouo My application for :iconhappy-tails:
I'm hoping this is all right. >///>;; 

{ B A S I C _ I N F O }

{{ N A M E }}
    Shawn Maloy

{{ A G E }}

{{ G E N D E R }}

{{ H E I G H T }}

{{ W E I G H T }}

    112 lb.

{{D A T E _ O F _ B I R T H}} 
    April 17th, 1993

{{ J O B }}
    He likes to write and is trying his best to get something published, but is working part-time at a cafe to make sure he can pay the rent and other bills for his apartment.

{{ P A R T N E R }}
    Fostering Tsuk

{{ S E X U A L _ O R I E N T A T I O N }}
    Sorry ladies, he's gay.

{{ R E L A T I O N S H I P _ S T A T U S }} :new:
    Dating Josh

{ P E R S O N A L I T Y }

    -Shawn is a very calm, laid back person, often getting caught up in his music when something or someone overwhelms him.
    -He has a slightly shy attitude towards people he meets for the first time, and is known to get rather quiet when introduced to groups of people.  However, once he warms up to someone, he will start to open up.
    -Shawn is known for his terrible sense of balance.  It's not uncommon for him to trip over thin air, which can get him into trouble at work since he's dropped food and drinks too many times to count.
    -Shawn has a very innocent personality.  Perverted comments or topics tend to fly right over his head unless someone takes the time to explain what's going on.
    -Even though he chooses not to be in school, he is extremely smart (unless it comes to those dirty conversations) and has a vast knowledge of many topics from history to any kind of science.
    -Tends to get embarrassed fairly easily, especially whens someone explains those pervy jokes and often gets overly flustered with compliments.
    -Shawn is very loyal and will do absolutely anything (within reason of course) to make sure that once he's friends with someone, they don't abandon him.  You could say he gets a little attached very easily.
    -He is somewhat timid and easily spooked.  Sneaking up on him and scaring the bajeebees out of him probably isn't a good way to get brownie points.
    -Shawn is extremely respectable towards everyone, even if they don't share the same respect towards him.  He will not judge anyone for their life decisions and will often be impressed with what they've done with their life.
    -Shawn is very tidy and organized.  It's not so bad to the point of OCD clean, but it's definitely noticeable.  

{ H I S T O R Y }
        Shawn was born in 1993 on April 17th (oh, his birthday's pretty close then 8'D), and was an only child with no father or other relatives other than his mother.  In the short time he had with his mom, he grew extremely attached to her, completely ignoring any sort of faults she had.  Mother is god in the eyes of a child, or so the saying goes, and she was nothing less than perfect to him.  It didn't matter that they were constantly moving, leaving him with little time to bond and make friends with anyone his age, so long as he had his mother, everything was perfect.

        Just as Shawn was starting second grade, he was very suddenly torn away from his mother, who had developed intense drug, and alcohol addictions.  She herself brought her only son into the police station with her and announced she had "given up hope", turning herself into the police, along with the excessive amounts of illegal drugs she had on her at the time as well as Shawn.  He was immediately put into temporary foster care, but was soon adopted by another family after learning his mother had overdosed on medications in the correctional facility she'd been sent to.  The last words he heard his mother say stuck in his head, and stay there to this day, leaving him with an overwhelming sense of guilt, and thinking he'd been the reason she gave up.

        Life with his adoptive parents and new older step brother wasn't terrible, but it wasn't the life he exactly wanted.  At a very early age, it was clear that Shawn had a very high intelligence, and his new parents wanted nothing more than for him to focus solely on his schooling so he wouldn't turn out like his mom.  To his parents, having friends wasn't important, though he always yearned to have them, and pets were definitely a nono, as they would've been too distracting for him.  Even extra curricular activities such as band, or art, or any sort of sports were highly looked down upon.  Studying and making sure he had perfect scores in each of his classes was the only thing that truly mattered to his parents.  He didn't complain though, since he was given a home with parents that loved him and a brother who would do anything to make him happy through all the madness.

        Often times, when his parents were out, he'd sneak into their office and take a notebook from them into his room to write.  It didn't start off as much more than what seemed like a diary, but eventually, he added characters to talk to that would comfort him and eventually started to make little short stories.  It was sort of his guilty pleasure since he wasn't allowed to do much of anything or see anyone.  There were nights that he'd stay up late into the night trying to finish chapters and improve his writing skills.  It wasn't until his sophomore year of high school that he decided he was going to try and write books to be published.  He didn't dare say anything to his parents of course.  For all they knew, he was planning on going to college after he was done with high school and would go on to get a higher medical degree.

        About halfway through his junior year, Shawn started to get a little romantically itchy.  All the people he'd gone to school with through the years were getting into relationships, and he was so very envious to have one himself.  He already knew his parents wouldn't even think to accept the thought of a girlfriend, though that didn't matter much since he had pretty much zero interest in females anyway.   As the year came to a close, he was able to make one close friend, Alumont, who shared his high academics scores and was right along with him at the top of the class.  This high academic status won an instant approval with his parents, and he was finally able to have that friend he was so desperately looking for.  They were able to spend the summer together, doing what normal friends did, like going to the movies and hanging out at the park (though that was a secret they both kept from his parents since they were under the impression that they were going to important scholarly meetings or other stuffy things like that).  When his senior year of high school started, Shawn decided to try stepping up for himself and confessing his attraction to Alumont, even if it meant possibly losing him as a friend.  He knew he wasn't going to stay in the same town once high school was done and over with, so he thought it best to get anything out now before parting ways.  Much to his surprise, his confession went over much nicer than he would've thought, and the two carried out their relationship in secret for a few months.

        Everything was going along  perfectly.  Shawn had a relationship with someone his parents finally approved of (though they thought it was a simple friendship, of course his brother knew better though), he was managing to make a few friends from his new relationship, and was finally starting to get over the overwhelming shyness that had stuck with him since being adopted.  But all good things must come to an end...

        One day, while Shawn was waiting for Alumont to arrive at school, the other boy never showed up.  Shawn shrugged it off as that maybe the other had caught a cold.  It was that time of year after all.  It was the first snowfall of the year, and everyone was terribly excited and antsy to go play out in the snow like they would when they were grade schoolers, Shawn included.  He'd never had the chance to play in the snow before.  It wasn't until after lunch though that he received the news.

        Alumont had been killed in a hit and run accident.  Due to eyewitness accounts, the driver had swerved on the newly collected snow on the street, and had driven straight onto the sidewalk into Alumont, killing him instantly.  The driver hadn't bothered to even stop to see if the person he'd hit was okay before zooming off (only to be arrested a few hours later).  This event hit Shawn particularly hard, not only because Alumont was his first friend and lover, but it was also within the same week of discovering his mother had taken her own life many years prior.  After that, Shawn pushed himself away from anyone he'd spoken to in school, just wanting to focus on his studies and get out of the town he'd made so many memories in.  At this point, it wasn't too much of a surprise to his parents that he didn't pursue a college career, so they didn't argue with him too harshly when he moved out of the state to try and start up a career in writing.  He moved around every so often to try and get settled.  When he moved to Pawsville, he was finally able to find a steady job as well as an easily affordable, one bedroom apartment to live in.

        And now, he's finally getting settled in, and may be ready to try and make a friend or two again...

((OKAY I'M REALLY SORRY not really ABOUT HOW LONG THIS IS... I can't just describe someone's life history in two, sweet, little four sentenced paragraphs.  Shawn speaks to me, like almost all of my roleplay characters do, and this boy needed a story, not a summary. TT u TT And I'm sorry for any tears shed. I got all blubbery towards the end as well if that makes up for anything...))

{ E X T R A _ I N F O R M A T I O N} 

{{ L I K E S }}
    +Laying out at the park under a tree to watch people and write.
    +His music.  When he's not working, he almost always has his headphones on.  His music tastes lie more in heavier rock, though he can listen to other genres if he needs a change of pace.
    +Milk.  He loves milk so much that he almost always has a little container with a straw (like those hi-c juice boxes) on him so he can have some if he gets thirsty.
    +Friendly or outgoing people.  He will cling to someone that speaks to him first and goes out of their way to talk to him.  He's a very lonely person and craves contact with anyone willing to give him positive attention.
    +Experimenting with cooking.  While he's not the best, he finds messing around in the kitchen to be fun and challenging in it's own way and will always try to make something new or taste better than it originally did. 
    +He has this... thing for anything soft and fluffy.... be it a dog or another person's hair.  If he likes someone enough, he'll quite frequently get distracted playing with someone's hair.
    +Animals of all shapes and sizes, though he was never allowed to own one with his parents.  He's currently very happy fostering Tsuk. 
    +Snuggling, hugs, and sweet little signs of affection.  If in a relationship, he doesn't mind holding hands or sweet kisses in public and will actually try to encourage it. 
    +Sappy romance movies, and novels.  He's deeply romantic at heart, even if he's too shy to personally admit or show it. 

{{ D I S L I K E S}}

    -Exercise or working out.  He's VERY much out of shape.
    -Staying inside all day. He has a light case of claustrophobia, and staying in his small apartment for too long tends to bother him.
    -Bad weather.  It makes him sleepy and very grouchy since he can't go out to his tree to write.
    -Being made fun of or lectured, especially about his choice to not continue on to college.  It makes him very self conscious and quiet.  If someone makes him uncomfortable, he'll make up an excuse to leave as soon as he can.
    -Anything excessively sweet or bitter.  He's not a fan of grapefruits, coffee, or soda.
    -Swearing.   He himself will never swear and will tolerate very little swearing from friends before he gets upset.  Major swears are a huge no-no. 
    -People pulling or messing with his ponytail.  He hates how he looks with his hair down, and will only be seen with it down when sleeping or showering. 

{{ O T H E R _ I N F O R M A T I O N }}

    ~ He has an older stepbrother named Liam who checks up on him occasionally to make sure he's doing all right.  He's very protective of Shawn and deeply cares for his well being. o3o Keep that in mind, you sexy bachelors~ 
    ~ He has adoptive parents who call and see how he's doing very rarely.  
    ~ He actually has a deep fear of water. If invited to a beach or pool, he will refuse to go in and choose to sun and write.  He can swim, he just chooses not to.
    ~ He loves to sing... however, he's got a terrible sense of pitch and tune.  >.> He's quite adorable in the shower though, since he tends to sing up at the top of his lungs...
    ~ He is constantly hoping that someone at the park will come up to him and claim him as their best friend, male or female. >.> He's desperate for friends.
    ~ He's absolutely awful at playing video games, though it doesn't keep him from trying.
    ~ Winter is his least favorite time of the year, and he tends to stay inside when it snows. 
    ~ He has a week of the year that he takes off from work, saying it's for a small vacation to visit his family, and stays home.  Often times his brother will come over to watch him to make sure he's all right. 
    ~ Shawn often gets extremely depressed and will call in sick when he finds out his story wasn't accepted by any of the publishers he sent to.  As much as he writes, he hasn't gotten one approved yet.
    ~His biggest "turn on" is when someone he likes combs their fingers through his hair.  It's not his neck, his ears, or even his thighs... it's his hair... :new:
    ~Very ticklish around his ears and neck. :new:

:new:Want to get to know him a little more~? ouo Just ask him a few questions right here! :: :new:

[Happy Tails] RP Tracker - Shawn by banANNUmon

If you'd like to roleplay, I'm pretty much mainly on skype. ovo I'm more than happy to send you my name if you'd like it. ^^ I would like a few new rp buddies~ .//u//. <3

Art, and Shawn belong to me. ovo <3 Please don't steal, trace, reupload, or heavily reference him. ^^ Thank you~
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Kenna-daretolive666 Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist
Maki Crying Icon You're bbys are just too precious. Just when I thought I'd seen 'em all. . I find another. 
I saw the genderbender of this guy first and I was just like REALLY? FOR ME? Preetty~ All of the curves~! and I went to hunt down his manly version ///true self
sigh  There are no words. . 

If you're still looking for someone to rp with ///though I'm not sure seeing all of the lovelies you have at the moment :'D
I'd be more than interested in trying something with you~  ///is just greedy and wants an adorable bby you make all to herself.  //slapped
banANNUmon Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014
O-Oh gosh
I must redo do this app... Poor shawn looks so...
notprettyinthatstyle //wipes sweat

Ahahaha AWWWW
I actually really like that genderbent version of him~
u v u ♥ Curves are one of my favorite things to draw for people
which is a real shocker since I don't draw many female characters .////.'''

Ehehe, I am really glad that you like him though
and he's actually hooked up with Josh and we rp them together occasionally, 
though he's the only one that Shawn bby rps with at all anymore. u v u
eheheh, it makes me really happy to know that you'd like to get to know him more /)///v///(\ ♥

u v u he has a very special place in my heart since he's the first oc I introduced to this account~
and he was my first rp group babe.
so it means a whole lot to know you like him that much /)///v///(\

I really need to do something of him soon //stares off into the distance
Kenna-daretolive666 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014  Hobbyist
I still think he's pretty~ 

Really? You wouldn't be able to tell by looking at it! <^.^> 
I think both genders look adorable in your style~

Aww, what a shame.
Well, perhaps I'll get a chance some day with another character then~!
I am planning on joining PCH~ Bunny Emoji-78 (Shy) [V4] So maybe there?
:hehe: Yeah, yeah? -feels greedy and wants an adorable bby for herself-  //slapped

Awww~ Puppy Cinnamon Emoji-01 (Waving) [V1]   Well, you're verra welcome~ heheBunny Emoji-10 (Loved) [V1]
I still remember the verra first character I used in an rp. Or at least
as far back as I can remember. Bunny Emoji-26 (Teehee) [V2] 
I think each character we make will hold a piece of our heart. 
After all we took time to create such adorable bbies~ Bunny Emoji-81 (Blushy) [V4] 
TheLostOctober Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He;s adorable!!!!
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Aaahaha~ Thank you so much, love~
TheLostOctober Featured By Owner May 20, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Oooh, you're in Happy tails? That's awesome :D

I'm trying out in May myself

He seems like a cute character. Too bad he's also gay. I'm beginning to fear applying with a female human xD

And that's quite the history you got written out there. I'm gonna save reading that for another time =p
banANNUmon Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014
Naaaah, there are cute little hetero couples in the group. OvO plus, just because a male is "pan" or "bi" doesn't mean he'll always go straight for the guys. >u< The ladies always have a chance too if they play their cards right, like with my Wally baby. OvO he likes girls too, but only if he feels a connection with them, just like with anyone else. >u<

So definitely don't be discouraged ♥ My friend is going to try and apply in May as well with a female puppy~ So go ahead and don't be afraid to send her in. ouo /)
moonlightwalk Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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