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[Tachikawa High] Sakaguchi, Keita by banANNUmon [Tachikawa High] Sakaguchi, Keita by banANNUmon

whom I love and adore with my entire soul //brick'd
I may have stole your app format btw huehuehue~♥
Check out her handsome lil guy over here ::
[Tachikawa] Akitaka Nozomi by kenketsu

I-I really hope this will be okay. Q u Q ♥
I will admit, I'm a little proud of this cutie

[ n a m e ]
Sakaguchi, Keita
[ n i c k n a m e ] 

[ g e n d e r ]
[ s e x u a l i t y ] 
Watercolors and bananas
Pansexual || He likes what he likes, yea?
[ a g e] 
17 || July 3, 1996
[ b l o o d . t y p e ] 

[ g r a d e ] 
[ d o r m i t o r y ] 
[ c l u b ]
Would love to be in an art club

[ l i k e s ] -- will add more later
-Fruits.  Bananas in particular //slapped.  Often paired with peanut butter, and are loved on grilled/fried peanut butter, marshmallow cream sandwiches.
-Almost anything sweet.  Except chocolate. 
-Watercolor painting and sketching.  People and landscapes are his favorite subjects.
-Bright colors.  Neons and pastels are a big yes.
-People who swear too much.  He's not exactly an angel himself, but he does have a line drawn on what makes him uncomfortable.
-Rain.  If he's able to, he will run around and dance all day in it, even if it gets him sick.  
-Anime, manga, and anything else of the like.
-Constructive criticism on his artwork.  He's always looking to improve, so he takes all the help he can get.
-Giving hugs and snuggles to those he thinks who need them.  Even if permission isn't given.
-Big clothing.  He like comfort clothes, and big, loose, floppy sweaters are his absolute favorite to wear.  
-Hats and boots.  They're the best things to get as birthday presents in his opinion.  The goofier and brighter, the better.
-Coffee.  He needs it to function in the morning, otherwise he's slightly grumpy throughout the day.
[ d i s l i k e s ] -- will add more later
-Working with charcoal and pastels.  They smudge all over everything, and he absolutely hates it.  Drawing on the computer is also a no.  He can't ever get anything technology related to work.
-Technology.  His phone is only used for calling.  Even texting is too complex for him.  He prefers actually talking to people anyway, rather than misinterpreting something someone typed.
-Anything slimy or sticky.  
-His own freckles and "beauty mark".  If he can, he'll try and get someone to let him have make up to cover at least the freckles up.
-Science.  Labs in particular.  That usually means having to touch slimy, sticky things.  Ew.
-Those annoying itchy blankets that should be used as a doormat instead instead of as a blanket.  He can't understand why so many people seem to have them.
-Anyone he doesn't trust touching his art books.  He'll let you watch him draw, but it makes him uncomfortable  if you try to grab and look at what he's working on.
-Dark, dull colors.  Life needs more pop to it.
-Coffee.  It's a love hate relationship really.  It's good for waking him up, but has a flavor he could definitely live without.

[ p e r s o n a l i t y ] 
-Mostly seen as a bit of an airhead, always staring off in the distance at nothing in particular.  Often gets too caught up in his own thoughts to pay attention to other people at times.
-A little shy, but not overly so that he can't talk to anyone.  He usually requires that someone say the first word, but if he's interested in someone, he'll go out of his way to talk to them first without question.
-Has a very kind personality, often putting himself before others, even if he doesn't know them too well.
-Is extremely passive, and will usually do whatever anyone tells him to do.  This leaves him as an easy target for bullying.
-Has a very positive outlook on life.  Even if something or someone is trying to bring him down, he's always looking for that silver lining.
-Just a bit clumsy, sometimes tripping over his own feet as he walks.
-VERY unorganized.  He's pretty sure he'd give someone with extreme OCD a heart attack if they walked into his room.
-Is very friendly, and will always smile when talking to someone.
-Decently smart.  He's not the top of his class, but he makes good enough scores to help other's if needed.
-Very devoted and passionate about everything he does.  He will always try to do the very best he can.
-A bit of a coward.  If something makes him too uncomfortable or scares him, he'll do all he can to get away and escape to somewhere he thinks is safe.
-A little clingy, at least with people he considers his best friends.  

[ b i o g r a p h y ] -- I usually develop a character more as I rp, but since this is necessary, I'll put the basics down for now and then add more as I figure him out...I-If that's okay, of course

- Kindergarten / Preschool -
    As a child, Keita was extremely distracted, often times paying more attention to specks of dust floating around in the room rather than any of his teachers.  It took him a long time to finally get into shape and start learning like he was supposed to.  He would usually have to play catch-up to make sure that he didn't fall too far behind the other kids, but as soon as he'd get to where he needed to be, he'd doze off again, wondering why the ceiling was made to have little bumps and tiny holes in it instead of being completely flat.  
    While away from school, Keita was your average kid, wanting to play outside no matter what the weather was like, and had all sorts of goofy things he would get into.  He had a very nice home, living with his parents and grandmother, who he had grown very close to.  All in all, he was nothing special.  Just your normal little kid, playing around and getting into trouble like all the rest of them did.
- Elementary School -
    Finally starting to pay more attention, with the help of his parents working with him over the summers, Keita started to do much better in his classes.  He was still just as easily amused by anything else going on, which got him into trouble on the occasion when he'd see a funny face on the ceiling and laugh out loud at it.  About this time, Keita started to get into drawing.  Even though it wasn't very good, he was always proud of what he'd done, showing it off to any teachers or friends that he could.  Keita's goofy child-like activity slowly started to die down at this point, taking on a more mellow and laid-back sort of personality, though it didn't stop him from making as many friends as he could to show off his gorgeous stick figures to.
    These were also decently normal years for Keita.  Again, nothing too special other than starting to take an interest in drawing and anything artistic.
- Middle School / Junior High -
    Most of his bullying problems started towards starting junior high.  Instead of hanging out and practicing sports or other more physical extra curricular activities, Keita found himself getting lost in a whole other world with his art.  A small group of boys, just a little bit older than he was, found it disturbingly annoying that Keita would rather draw and practice painting instead of doing something more "fun".  So in order to pick a little fun at him, they'd often steal his drawing supplies and break them, teasing him about how he should be doing more "interesting" things than "girly stuff like drawing".  Due to his extreme passiveness, Keita would just let events like that happen without reporting it to anyone.  Luckily, his grandma would give him new supplies if ever he needed them, though his excuse for not having them was that he'd just lost them at school somewhere or let someone in his art class borrow them and they just forgot to give them back.  After a while, growing bored with how unamusing Keita's unwillingness to fight back or stand up for himself was, they decided to take it a few steps further.  Instead of just taking his supplies from him one day, they took any papers and sketchbooks he had on him at the time, and tore each and every page they could while holding him down.  Instead of just letting it happen like he normally did, he screamed out for help, getting the attention of a few teachers to help.  The boys were put on temporary suspension. When they were allowed back in school, they sought out Keita for getting them in trouble with a new sort of vengeance.
    Since some of them rode the same bus home with him, they plotted out a few ideas on how to get back at him, unbeknownst to him of course.  One day, when Keita got off the bus, they followed after him, a few buckets of paint in hand. Once they were sure they were all out anyone else's line of sight, they grabbed Keita and dragged him off to a more secluded area, throwing a few punches in to make him cooperate.  After they got him where they wanted to, they stole his bag away from him and dumped everything out of it, pouring one of the black buckets of paint they had on them onto it.  And when they were done with that, the pushed him to the ground and threw any paint they had left at him, laughing at and taunting him for not being normal, running off soon after.
    The whole incident left Keita much more withdrawn from people than he used to be.  It took a while for him to open back up, and start making friends again, but with the help of his prior friends, family, and especially his grandma, he was able to push through.  However, from then on out, Keita made it a point to avoid anyone that scared him too much or gave him a funny look for doing what he loved.  His family decided it would be best to move away from the school after he came home covered from almost head to toe in dark colored paint, crying that he wasn't a good enough person.
- Summer before starting Tachikawa High -
    Keita started taking summer school art classes to help better himself in all ways art, making just a few friends (not really close, but close enough that he felt comfortable chatting with them every so often) that shared his passion for art.  It was a decent summer, and he enjoyed himself for the most part.  He'd heard a few rumors from his fellow classmates about Tachikawa high and the amazing art program it had to offer, making him go home and practically beg his parents to let him go for the following school year.  It didn't take much convincing of course, and his family was happy to oblige (even if it meant moving back to his old junior high school area), moving just in time for him to register and sign up for classes.

And that's about all I've got.... //sobs
What is a bio anyway  I really suck at these without any rp time //sobs

[ a d d i t i o n a l . i n f o ] -- will add more later 
-Has three piercings.  Both earlobes and his tongue.
-Almost always has either a pencil or a paintbrush in his ear and a few sheets of blank paper in case he gets that random surge of inspiration.
-He will zone out a lot when he thinks someone is droning on about things that don't interest him.  He doesn't mean to, it just sort of happens.
-Constant, repetitive noises bug the crap out of him (like dripping water from a leaky faucet or beeping alarms that people sleep through).  It will make him twitch and growl to himself until it stops.
-Will always try to find a way to take the blame for someone, even if it's not their fault.  He feels bad when people get into trouble.
-Has a little heart shaped birth mark on his lil booty that he doesn't know about yet.  I mean, who looks back there anyways? //slap'd
-He wants to do something with art later in life, but wants to do everything on his accord and not work under anyone demanding.  Basically just wants to be an at home, freelance artist.
-Is athletically challenged.  He cannot run for more than five minutes without curling up on the floor wheezing.
-Still very attached to his grandma, who he calls every day to see how she's doing.  She's basically his force to keep doing what he's doing.
-Loves playing video games.  The older, the better.
-Despite not being athletic, he is extremely flexible and is known to be found sleeping in some very awkward positions, saying he was completely comfortable after being woken up.
-Even though he tries his best to be as nice as he can to everyone, he is a prime target for bullying, which he blatantly blames himself for for not being stronger.
-When he blushes out of embarrassment, the tips of his ears and his fingers turn red as well.  He has no explanation for this.  It just happens.
-May or may not enjoy wearing women's undergarments.
-Got a piece of gum stuck in his hair once (by the group of kids who picked on him), and when he cut it out, he decided he liked that look better, and has cut his hair the same way ever since.
-Is an only child, and doesn't really mind it too much.  Though he does sometimes wish he had someone he could look up to.
-Has a very caring, and loving family that will do anything they can for him to make sure he's happy, though he tries not to rely too heavily on them, since he doesn't want to be a burden.
-Lacks any sort of sense of direction.  He could be lost in his own neighborhood for hours if it didn't loop around to lead him back home.
:new:-Has naturally wavy/curly hair and has to spend at least half an hour to an hour to make it presentable.
:new:-Likes to find nice secluded areas outside to draw or paint so not too many people happen across him and interrupt him.
:new:-Has always wanted to visit an old, abandoned park, village, or cave to paint the scenery and bring it back to life.
:new:-Is hella ticklish.  It really doesn't take much either...

[ q u o t e s ]
-"I'm not the best, but I'm getting better every day."
-"H-Have you seen that sky today? I've never seen anything so blue... ./////."
-"No one is truly better or worse than anyone else.  Some of us just have more time spent on doing what we love."

[ r e l a t i o n s h i p s ]
Is a lonely little booger...
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JohnNeko Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Your character is just absolutely precious. <3 
Bright colors and sweets, more like YES PLEASE! 
If he ever got bullied in front of my Maxi, I know he'd get all tough and stick up for Keita!
(Gosh I hope we both get in!!)
banANNUmon Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
F-Fwwaaahh~! Q////Q Th-Thank you so much!
He's such a dummy though u v u;
Really, he can barely focus for more than five minutes without zoning out.
Ooooh!! O v O A new guardian!
How so many people love my dumdum is beyond me ♥

Ooooh, I hope so too Q u Q I have a feeling I'm gonna really like this group ♥
JohnNeko Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Maxwell's going to be like, oh hey, you look quiet, I WILL TALK YOUR EAR OFF AND BE THE ESSENCE OF COLOR AND CHEERFULNESS and then get focused on his soccer whoops? xD And hopefully become short buddies some day maybe. 
Your adoradumb character is deserving of all that love though omg. 
(he needs an army) 

I feel like I'm going to like the group too. So many really neat people with very creative character ideas and designs!! <3
MarineJelly Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
;n; he needs a hug :iconsupertighthugplz:
He styles his hair? okay he needs to teach Suzume how to do that. She wakes up with bed hair
all the time and just goes to school...
Would you like to rp with my weirdo? if I get accepted...
banANNUmon Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2014
psssh bby
He's a tough cookie e v e Plus he's got his friend Nozomi to protect him whenever he needs it ♥
But he'll take your hugs nonetheless since he loves them

Ahahah! He's not a professional, but he's been doing it so long for himself that he knows a few tricks that'll make it easier her
He'll help her look fabulous in the morning!

And bby, I would love to! I-If I get accepted too //sobs
MarineJelly Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
... it's the power of friendship ;u; that sounded so cliché
haha okay~ //hugs
No I'm really sure he's a pro. I mean look at that hair. It's amazing :iconimfabulousplz:
don't worry we'll make it in...I hope //hugs
AnimeNeko123 Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014
How did I not notice this lovely babu before! q 0 q He's adorable > w < 

And he's a bullied artist, just like my Kiyoshi!! Q 0 Q .....*clings to face* When you get accepted we must rp. e H e 
They must become friends.
banANNUmon Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014
Fwaaaahh Q//u//Q Bby, thank you so much!!!

as;dlfj IsurehopeIcangetaccepted
I'm most definitely down for rp e u e ♥
They'd be the best art buddies in the whole world ♥
moonlightwalk Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Same thing to you as to your friend: good luck getting in and just note me if you want to RP with my boy Milo ;)
banANNUmon Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2014
Fwaah~ Thanks so much~ Q v Q I certainly hope we can both get in together TT v TT ♥
And I'll send you a note in a little bit >v< I'm busy making a mess in the kitchen making cookies, but I'd absolutely love to rp~♥
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